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About Funeral Pre-Planning

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Many individuals and families are making the decision to prearrange and prefund their funerals before the need arises. A family discussion of funeral planning, although sensitive, can be a very satisfying experience for you and the ones you love. It allows you to share feelings about various aspects of funeral services and inform others of your personal preferences. It provides an opportunity to put all your affairs in order in a relaxed, unhurried way. Remember a funeral is the most personal, emotional occasion your family will ever share and there are many elements to consider. By planning in advance, you can ensure that the decisions you make are satisfying to everyone involved. Planning your funeral..

  • Provides peace of mind
  • Relieves your loved ones of unnecessary concern
  • Assures that your wishes are known
  • Eases the financial burden on your family

The Importance of Making A Will

Everyone should have a will drawn up by a competent lawyer. This document can prevent problems for your survivors while ensuring that your final wishes be carried out. If there is no will, the estate is divided according to law, in which case your possession and assets may not be divided as you would choose. Every adult should have a will, regardless of age or financial situation. If you do not have a will you should have one drawn up as soon as possible. It is in your own and your family's best interest.

In making your will, you should name an executor. This should be someone that you trust completely to file with the court on a timely basis and carry out the provisions of your will exactly as stated.

The Purpose Of A Funeral

Funeral services benefit the family in several ways. First, of course, the funeral provides for the dignified care of the deceased. Also, the funeral proceedings help those who are left behind take the first step in overcoming grief. That is, facing the fact that death has occurred. A funeral brings together relatives and close friends who can lend support and comfort when needed most.

Contemporary funeral arrangements offer the opportunity for family members and other loved ones to reflect upon the unique life that has been lived. Due to the many details and decisions that must be made when a death occurs, these arrangements are usually more satisfying when made in advance while there is ample time to talk about preferences and decide together among the many options.

A ‘Celebration of life’ service gives the opportunity for family members and friends to reflect upon the unique and special life of their loved one.

What to Expect in the Cost of a Funeral

Due to the wide range of services and products available. It is very difficult to state what a service will cost.  Therefore it is very beneficial to sit down with one of our directors who will outline options, find out what suits your family best and give you a detailed quote. One of the most satisfying benefits of planning ahead is knowing the arrangements you make are aligned with your financial circumstances. By planning and funding your funeral today, you can offset the impact of rising funeral prices. Many people prefund their arrangements in order to relieve loved ones of future financial burden.

Choosing The Payment Method Best For You

There are a variety of ways that you can pay for your arrangements. You can pay all at once in one payment, or you can pay over three, five, or even ten years! Speak to your funeral director about payment plans.

It's All Taken Care Of

When death occurs, one call to the funeral home is all that is needed to begin the funeral process. Your funeral director will carry out all the arrangements per your wishes.