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Our goal is to serve the unique needs of every individual family, creating a meaningful funeral tribute for the loved one that has died and to create memories that will last forever.

A meaningful funeral is a personalized funeral, one that is a tribute to the life that's been lived, not the death that's occurred. 

Dr. Alan Wolfelt writes:

When you are planning a funeral, personalizing the ceremony should be a priority. Think about the special qualities of the person who died and what he or she meant to others. Consider his or her passions, hobbies, pastimes, likes, dislikes. How can you capture this unique life? Be as creative as you, together with your family, friends, funeral director, and the person who will lead the service, brainstorm how to remember and honour the person who died.

- from Funerals: A Consumer's Guide

Families cope better with the pain of death 
when involved in the planning of meaningful
tributes to their loved ones.

“The first Rule in celebrating a life is …There are no rules"

Few experiences surpass the power of a commemorative gathering or ceremony. It's an opportunity to bring people together in one place, at one time, for one purpose -- to make a personal statement -- a lasting tribute to the one you loved.

Service Offerings
Bergeron Funeral Services & Crematorium offers a wide range of funeral services.
Celebrating a Life
The life of your loved one deserves to be celebrated. Here are the ways we can create a meaningful ceremony of remembrance where family and friends can find comfort in companionship, and in shared memories.
Creating a Legacy of Memories
It’s important to secure the memories and stories of a loved one. Learn more about why we offer the finest in online tributes and tribute videos, the Book of Memories™.
Steps in Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service
Outlining the basics, this page is a fine place to start for those families faced with making final care arrangements for a loved one. Here’s where you become familiar with what’s ahead.
The First Decision: Burial or Cremation?
This is a major decision. We encourage all families to consider whichever option suits them best at the time of need. Here’s information to help you get the conversation started.
What to Know When Choosing Burial
If you think that burial is the right choice for your family, there are some important decisions you must make. This page details the questions involved, offering support to families choosing burial.
When Cremation is Preferred
Detailing the reasons why cremation is the preference of a growing number of families, this page also covers additional questions to ask once the cremation decision has been made.
Our Communities
These are a list of communities we serve.